It is essential that the elbow and forearm functions optimally in order to enable participation in activities of work, sport, leisure and daily living. This region is more commonly afflicted by overuse or insidious injuries of the soft tissues than by fractures and dislocations. However, it is noteworthy to consider that the latter can be very debilitating and challenging to rehabilitate. One of the commonly diagnoses elbow conditions is Lateral Elbow Tendinopathy (Tennis Elbow). Tennis elbow is commonly called lateral epicondylitis, lateral epicondylalgia, or lateral epicondylosis depending on whether inflammation is present or not. Symptoms include pain in the outer aspect of the elbow with gripping activities. Activities requiring firm wrist stability, such as the backhand stroke in tennis, or repetitive work tasks that require repeated wrist extension, such as computer keyboarding or pulling weeds in garden, can stress the musculotendinous unit and cause symptoms.

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